Plug Running Tools

A plug running tool is used for reliably running single and dual wiper plugs on liners and subsea casing. The equalizing prong is run into the plug and downward jarring severs the shear screws within the equalizing assembly. Upward jarring will release the running tool from the lock. Many of the tools incorporate an annular valve which eliminates trapped pressure above the wiper plug when the running tools are manipulated to check for running tool release.

Plug Running Tool Applications:

  • Shallow-set barriers for tree maintenance
  • Contingent plugging of completions with damaged nipples
  • Zonal isolation and water and gas shut-off
  • Tubing lead identification
  • Hydraulic setting Werkzeug
  • Data acquisition close to the producing interval

Plug running tools are designed to be set using a conventional slickline toolstring – and plugs are set with a series of lowering, picking up, and jarring actions. These apply stress to your slickline and your tools to activate many tools’ settings, but can also be the point of failure for inferior or worn slickline.

Central Wire Industries produces GD™- SUPA® Slickline to be used in conjunction with available running tools to eliminate these potential failures. Provided proper handling and use are employed throughout the life of your GD™- SUPA® slickline, they can protect against corrosion-induced weak points and stress failures created by manufacturing defects. Regardless of the weight being lowered, the nominal size of the tubing, the pressure, or the temperature, Zentraler Draht GD™- SUPA® Slickline are your best option for reliable performance with plug running tools. Contact a member of the Slickline sales team to determine how best to combine our slickline with your tools.

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