Our Slickline Line-Up

The CWI family of GD™ – SUPA® slickline is engineered for oil, gas, and geothermal applications. Our slickline is manufactured in North America and the United Kingdom from alloys designed to provide a continuous 30,000 feet (9144 m) weld-free, bright finish wireline. We have corrosion-resistant lines designed to go downhole in sour and sweet environments. CWI slickline is also suitable for measuring-line / wireline and electro-mechanical (EM) cable.

  • GD316 (UNS S31600)
  • GD22 / SUPA 40 (UNS S31803)
  • GD31Mo / SUPA 75 (UNS N08926)
  • GD35Mo (UNS N08028)
  • GD37Mo (UNS S31277)
  • GD50 (UNS R30035)
  • GD100 (UNS S32760)


Throughout a well’s lifetime, it will be subjected to a multitude of necessary interventions. Our slickline products can be used for a number of well intervention applications, ranging from basic completions to advanced technology services, ensuring that your well remains productive as long as feasible.

The most common applications for our slickline are:

  • Gauge Runs
  • Fishing Operations
  • Running Production Logging
  • Sliding Sleeves

Directrices de uso

To maximize the life of your CWI GD™-SUPA® slickline follow these guidelines:

  • Confirm the wire is suitable for the expected well conditions. CWI experts can help you determine that.
  • Use a Vernier Caliper to check the wire OD.
  • Use new packing in the stuffing box and change the wire guides if they show signs of excessive wear.
  • Use correct sized sheaves (rule of thumb – sheave diameter = 120 x wire OD.)
  • Always lubricate the wire when running into the well.
  • Never exceed the maximum allowed wire tension. This will be set at a maximum of 60% of the breaking load reported on your CWI issued test certification.
  • Clean the wire pulled from the well; use a wireline wiper to remove well fluids.
  • Always update the wire logbook with the wire cut-off and data from the operation.
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