Per tutta la vita del pozzo, sarà sottoposto a una moltitudine di interventi necessari. I nostri prodotti slickline possono essere utilizzati per una serie di applicazioni di intervento sui pozzi, che vanno dai completamenti di base ai servizi tecnologici avanzati, assicurando che il tuo pozzo rimanga produttivo il più a lungo possibile.

slicklines applications

Le applicazioni più comuni per la nostra slickline sono:

For oil and gas production, pressure gauges are a vital, if delicate, measuring device. Flow lines, separators, and even atmospheric vessels such as stock tanks are all subjected to pressure. Pressure levels can be monitored using gauges all the way from the wellhead to the tank batteries. Monitoring downhole pressure is also critical for extending the well’s production life as much as possible. It’s a good idea to know how to use, maintain, and calibrate pressure gauges if you wish to work in the oil and gas industry.

The process of fishing is used to remove lost or stuck objects from the wellbore. There are three types of fishing jobs: open hole, where there is no casing in the region of the fish; cased hole, where the fish is inside casing; and thru-tubing, when the fish must be done through a narrower pipe size restriction (tubing).

While the majority of logs are used to define the wellbore, formation, and fluids prior to well completion, there are a variety of logging tools available to give data during production operations and beyond.

  • Temperature logging
  • Noise logging
  • Radioactive tracer logging
  • Focused gamma ray density logging
  • Unfocused gamma ray density logging
  • Fluid capacitance logging
  • Fluid identification logging in high angle wells
  • Diverting spinner flowmeter
  • Continuous and fullbore spinner flowmeters

For single- or multiple-tubing-string completions, sliding sleeves are built as part of the tubing string to establish communication between the tubing string and the casing annulus.

There are many wire and cable products used in these processes. CWI slickline can be used in conjunction with other types of wireline such as: multi-conductor, single-conductor or braided line.

When stocking your slickline drums and trucks, consider the weld-free, bright finish of Central Wire slickline. Slickline trucks offer portability and safety as you travel around your production site. GD™ – SUPA® slickline provides flexible, kink-free wire while recovering your wellbore equipment.