Por que escolher o CWI?

Cutting-Edge Technology:

With the involvements of our employees, customers, and suppliers, together we promote a philosophy of unending improvement and innovation. For over 60 years, Central Wire Industries’ engineering and production teams have had the processes and experience to build to your specifications again and again. From our new articulated robot arm to industry-leading in-line testing, we ensure that we make break-free, crack-free, and blemish-free material every time. Do you need something more, or are you not sure what you need? Send your ideas and designs and CWI will make it happen for you.

CWI - One-Stop-Shop:

From the beginning of the production process, our relationships with distributors and suppliers allow our customers to specify the exact material needed. Through our intensive quality systems, Central Wire Industries is committed to providing the resources needed to exceed our customers’ expectations and satisfy all applicable requirements. In-house technical staff, located in all CWI locations and departments, can perform a wide range of services. The technical services team is staffed by metallurgists and technologists proficient in the full range of applications for each product. Our staff understand the pressures in the field, and work with you to solve those problems before they even arise.

Find CWI Globally:

With 13 manufacturing facilities across the globe, we have the capacity to turn orders quickly, while maintaining the CWI quality standards you expect. Encompassing three countries on two continents, our products range from slicklines and welding wire to wire rope and cable assemblies. If we don’t have the material in-stock at your usual CWI location, through our 12 other facilities we can still have the material to you before other manufacturers even return your call. Don’t assume it can’t be done, please contact us today for your delivery requirements.

Our Service:

With vertical integration through our many locations, we have the controls, the knowledge and the capabilities to manufacture the solution you need. Our sales department has experience in engineering, production and installations, giving them the background information to know how our slickline will be used in your application. We seek to exceed our customers’ expectations with our personal service. We have even been known to drive directly into the field and deliver your order, hand to hand, truck to truck. With over 60 years’ experience with metals, we’re eager to help you find the best line for your purpose and environment.