Fishing Spears

Despite your best intentions, sometimes wireline breaks or tools are dropped or lost in a well. In order to fish a well, drilling must be paused and special fishing tools employed. A fishing spear fits within the pipe and then grips the pipe from the inside. A wireline spear uses hooks and barb to clasp broken wireline. This allows you to return the broken wireline or tool to the surface for replacement. Fishing spears include rotating and releasing spears.


Fishing Spear Applications:

  • Catch drill pipe, casing, tubing and other tubular junks
  • Pack-off assemblies
  • Internal cutters

CWI produces slickline to be used in conjunction with available fishing spear tools to retrieve lost tools. The spears are attached to slickline with a combination of lowering, picking up and jarring actions. This may cause stress to your slickline and your tools. Provided proper handling and use are employed throughout the life of your GD™- SUPA® Slickline, you can protect against corrosion-induced weak points and stress failures created by manufacturing defects. Regardless of the weight of your spear tool, Central Wire slickline are your best option for reliable performance with fishing spear tools.

After you retrieve the broken wireline or tool, you will need to replace them before drilling operations continue. As you do, consider purchasing Línea de acero GD™-SUPA® to ensure that only the highest quality wire is used in your rig. Central Wire Industries produces slickline in seven different alloys. Our slickline is manufactured in North American and the United Kingdom and is designed to provide a continuous 30,000 feet weld-free bright finish wireline. Contacto a member of the Slickline sales team to determine how best to combine our slickline with your tools.

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