CWI is a world leader in manufacturing high quality round and profiled well screen wire. Well screen wire is a welded stainless steel structure that is primarily used for media filtering, separation, and retention. It’s constructed of V-shaped surface profiles that are resistance welded to support profiles. The slot aperture through which the filtrate passes is formed by the distance between the surface profiles, which is precisely controlled.

The oil and gas industry demands filtration screens that can withstand the rigors of challenging work conditions. We have the capability to accurately, consistently, and precisely manufacture wedge and triangular wire in a broad range of materials including traditional 300 series stainless steel, in addition to other high-strength alloys. Whether small spaces are required to capture contaminants and particles, or large spaces are required to handle large volumes of liquid, we can produce profiled wire to satisfy those requirements.

All our profiles are manufactured on specialist equipment designed and built in-house with each line having in-line laser measuring – guaranteeing dimensional accuracy. Our ability to manufacture the tooling on-site ensures consistency but also offers our customers the opportunity to develop complex or demanding requirements. With well screen wire manufacturing in the UK – USA – CANADA – we can service your requirements where ever you are!

Standard & Customer Shaped Profiled Wire: 1.25mm² to 150mm² (0.049”² to 5.90”²) CSA (Cross Sectional Area)

Learn more about the alloys we offer.

Our shapes are manufactured using a rolling process that allows us to achieve the most consistent dimensions of any product in the market today. Visit our custom profiles page to view our selection of profiles and learn about our edge capabilities.

well screen wire custom profiles

We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations through engineering excellence, superior customer service, and unparalleled quality. CWI’s knowledgeable engineering team performs a wide range of tests on our nickel alloy and stainless steel square, round, flat, and custom profiled wire. These analyses ensure customers receive only the highest quality finished products for their applications. Visit our Quality & Testing Page for a full list of our testing procedures.

Central Wire Industries ships profiled wire in a variety of different package options to meet the needs of your specific application or requirements. From coils and cut lengths to full reels, we have a solution to work with your storage and payoff setup. 

Coils: 0.50 kgs – 1200 kgs (1.1 lbs – 2650 lbs)
Spools: 0.50 kgs – 1200 kgs (1.1 lbs – 2650 lbs)
Carriers / Formers: up to 1000 kgs (2205 lbs)
Cut Lengths: 50 mm – 8000 mm (2″ – 315″)