Outils de fond

What tools will be attached to your wireline or slickline? CWI slickline can be used in concert with bailers, fishing equipment, gas lift equipment, locking mandrels/landing nipples, pack-off tools, probes and prongs, running tools, test tools and other downhole tools. CWI slickline offers weld-free bright finish slickline that smoothly glide through your well tools.

Fishing Equipment:

GD™ – SUPA® slickline provides flexible, kink-free wire to recover your wellbore equipment. Spears, magnets, retrievers, grabs, skirts, and other fishing tools are key instruments in your on or off-shore drilling operation. Central Wire Industries slickline firmly attach to your fishing equipment to ensure proper recovery. Don’t leave your slickline options up to chance and risk dropping two tools down the hole!

Running Tools:

All running tools are able to be used with CWI slickline including collar stop and collet type running tools. These tools are designed to work well with mandrels, latches, plugs, and stop anchors.

Probes and Prongs:

A probes and B probes are wireline or slickline manipulated devices commonly used to close the dogs/locks on mandrels before removing them from the well. Running prongs and equalizing prongs are screwed into running and pulling tools to adjust subservice devices.

Not sure if your downhole tools will integrate with Central Wire Industries GD™ – SUPA® slickline? Reach out to a member of our sales team today. Our staff are experts in this industry with years of experience customizing slickline line-ups and drilling equipment. Let us know how we can help!

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